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for the true underground CONNOISSEUR 

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Some people just follow the crowd, 

 be told what to listen to and what to watch.
Other people like to push boundaries, 

listen to new music that they have never heard before.
The Garage House is all about trying to appeal to the second group.
Cutting edge new underground tracks and those hidden gems from the past that you maybe haven't heard before, build the foundations of our music policy.
  • "I have never experienced such a friendly crowd in all my years of raving (that goes back to acid house, Astoria etc...). You have a great crowd and Dj’s to your credit. Looking forward to the next one for sure."

  • "I can honestly say. I can’t think of any other nights I’ve been to, where the crowd, venue, music and vibe were of the highest standard. Take a bow, all involved. Enough respect due to all of you. The smile from that night will certainly last until the next one. Well done"

    Emily Morley
  • "Great work , THE GARAGE HOUSE family and Bermondsey social club. Thank you to all DJs, all involved and all who attended. Awesome night. Look forward to doing more together soon."

    Victor Simonelli
  • "A positive, inclusive music scene drawing interest from DJ’s, producers and house and garage lovers which is rapidly growing and gathering momentum. One of the best nights you can party at in London in an intimate friendly venue"

    Katie Desouza
  • "Travelled from Wales to Bermondsey social club for the event on Friday 30th Nov. Great venue, lovely people and atmosphere with music to die for - thank you"

    Amanda Alexander


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TBC 2021
The Garage House 6 Garage House MusicTICKETS SOON
TBC 2021
The Garage House 6 Garage House MusicTICKETS SOON
TBC 2021
The Garage House 6 Garage House MusicTICKETS SOON
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