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Digging Deeper: Fizzikx

One of the scenes most exciting new producers, Fizzikx, spared us a few minutes away from his studio, for a quick chat.


This kicks off our new series of featured interviews titled 'Digging Deeper'.


Let’s start by talking about the way you got into house music, so how did a 22-year-old from Barnsley develop such a strong passion for 90s House and Garage music?

Well, where do I begin! I was born in the northeast, County Durham in 1996 and I came to South Yorkshire when I was 5 years of age.

From my childhood to my teenage years I have always heard House music every now and then, especially from my aunt's CD collection when she would put on a lot of compilation CDs from the Ministry of Sound series. To be honest I didn’t mind listening to it but at that time as an early teenager, I didn’t have a strong passion for it then.

Instead, I was listening to a lot of jazz fusion & acid jazz records either on Youtube or on my iPod. stuff from artists like Ronnie Jordan, Young Disciples, George Benson, Down To The Bone, The Rippingtons and loads more.

My passion for the 90s house & garage sound just came out of nowhere, it all kind of started by listening to a few tracks on YouTube in my bedroom when I was 17.

There were 4 tracks that really got to me:

St Germain - What’s New, from The Boulevard album

"When I first heard that track it blew me away it has some nice Rhodes chords, saxophone solo & a spoken word from St Germain mentioning some of his favourites producers/labels including Smack Productions & Todd Edwards."


Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

"This track at times just wants to make you cry but it has some lovely synths and strings sample in there which I love. The last 2 tracks are the first dubs that I was really feeling!"


Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (MK Dub)

"This track is by far this is one of the best dubs that he’s done in my opinion just has that New York vibe to it."


Bizzi - Bizzi’s Party (Booker T Dub)

"We all know his vocal mix was very popular in the UK Garage scene back in the 90s but to be honest I love the dub more it’s basically taking the elements from the vocal mix but with fewer vocals in. I can remember saying to myself when I first heard those tracks I said one day I’m gonna make records like this."


So as a 17-year-old what was your relationship with music at this point? Were you already involved in making music, DJing or playing?

I’ve been involved with music since I was 13 playing bass guitar, guitar & keyboards. I wanted to get into music production because it was appealing to me & it was my first year at college. There was a music programme on the college computers so I started messing around with it so yeah I pretty much started making music around the same time as I heard those 4 tracks that I mentioned on the first question.

I started producing Hip Hop and RnB but at the time I wasn’t feeling the vibes that I was making so I tried making house beats instead. When I got my Mac to be honest with you it took me a while to get to where I am now but from 2014-2015 I made sure I learnt as much as I possibly could. I didn’t get into the DJ side of things until I turned 19 when I purchased a pioneer midi controller decks and DJ software and then started messing around with it from there.

Back at this time around 2012, there were nowhere near as many new producers or even DJs making and playing this type of sound. Who was the first of the new school to grab your attention?

The ones that grabbed my attention were based in France & Germany. There were two guys from Germany that really inspired me, the first one being Alex Agore who in my honest opinion is a genius, he just has that Eddie Perez sound to his tracks which I love, amazingly nice chord riffs and quality vocals.

The second one being a producer called Nick Beringer who nowadays does more minimal techno stuff but from 2012-2013 he put
out some nice garage house cuts on labels like Skylax and the sub-label Wax Classic. From France, the producers who really grabbed my attention were those that released music on Jeremy Underground’s label 'My Love Is Underground', like Brawther, SE62, Kool Vibe, Inner Sense, Sunny Galaxy & DJ Steaw.

What was the story behind your first ever release?

My first release was back in early 2016 on the mighty Pogo House label run by Martin Depp. I sent him some tracks This Is My House, Let There Be Love and he signed them up. About 5 months later I put out another EP on his label titled Underground Skool which includes a remix from Mr Depp himself and that EP was the one, in my opinion, got me more popular in the Garage House scene.

I will say this if there are any new producers out there who are making some Garage House tunes & want to get them out there, I recommend checking out Pogo House! You will not regret it, trust me.

Who would be your main influences with your current style?

Great question! Well, I would say definitely say my influences are from NYC & the garden state aka New Jersey especially the likes of Kerri Chandler who is a master at what he does. He basically makes the Roland TR909 sound raw, tuff and then adds some nice gospel piano or organ to his tracks.

The next person being Eddie Perez aka Mentalinstrum/Smack Productions who has definitely been a massive influence when it comes
to the making of my own tracks, I could talk forever about his productions, the chord progressions & riffs he plays just really get to me, Wow!

I would definitely say Chicago is another influence for me, my favourite producers from the windy city are producers include Glenn Underground, Brian Harden, Stacy Kidd and loads more. Their House productions have an added beautiful jazz element. The lovely piano solo’s, synth solo’s & sax solo’s really got to me, I love it just love it.

I cannot miss out on the UKG guys I can go on for days talking about them. Producers like Grant Nelson, Tuff Jam, Dave Deller, Brian Keys Tharme, Rip Productions, Jeremy Sylvester, Dem 2, Ray Hurley & just loads more.

Any new up and coming producers to keep an eye out for?

Yeah, the first one I’m going to mention is Callvin from Brazil. His productions just blow me away, his track “Take This Out” on Pogo House Records is one of my favourites. I cannot wait to hear some more new stuff from him.

Next one is Gavin Dista from Sheffield who recently released a track on Pogo House titled “Tell Me”. He has been producing for more than 10
years producing Speed Garage records & now Garage House stuff. He also came down to the Fizzikx studio the other day and we are currently working on a collab that we hope to share with you all soon. You can definitely expect to hear more new tracks from Gavin Dista.

Leaignavibes is next, I’m going to mention a duo from Chile aka Mares And Astre. Wicked producers who have released some stuff on Pogo, Pure Beats, & more. You are 100% gonna hear more new stuff from these guys and I recently did some remixes for them.

Another who has impressed me this year is Chico Flash who is based in Florida. His productions really do interest me proper deep vibes and I have also worked on 2 remixes for him as well. I cannot wait to hear more new tracks from Chico.

What DJs do you admire the most?

Well, I would have to say the first one is Jack Swift. When I watch his videos on Instagram, I am absolutely blown away he can just DJ like using a drum machine, amazing talent & I hope to meet him soon.

From Just Vibes radio, Just James & Don Mac who are big supporters of mine. I honestly love hanging out with those guys, they usually mix on Native Instruments traktor scratch which is an interesting piece of kit. Don Mac showed me how to mix on Traktor and gave me some great tips, so big up to Don Mac.

Also from D3ep radio DJ Apollo! I always love tuning in to his radio show every Thursday. He plays some really nice selection and it was really cool to go B2B with him at the Garage House 2.

In a perfect world, where would you like to see yourself and also the scene in 5 years time?

Well to be honest just keep doing what I’m doing, release more records and hopefully get some more bookings in the near future. I’m hoping the scene will still be around in 5 years time I do not want it to go away as there’s is always new faces and new talent which I like.

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