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Digging Deeper: Lindsey Ward, Ricardo Da Rhythm and James Lee

In our next series of articles, we bring you the DJs that have been the most influential to some of the biggest present-day DJs in the Garage House scene.

Starting off we ask Lindsey Ward from House FM, Ricardo Da Rhythm and James Lee from D3EP Radio Network to name 3 DJ's that have inspired them as a DJ themselves.


Lindsey Ward

"My 3 Inspirational DJ's are DJ EZ, Low Steppa and DJ Hermit"


So going back to my very first days of becoming a DJ I was heavily inspired to jump on the 1210's by EZ. I would always lock into his shows to listen to his mixing skills and even go to his events to watch him play live.

EZ has always been an inspiration to me and I would always attend his 12hr New years day event where he would mix for the whole duration which was awesome and I was absolutely gutted when they stopped.

As you can imagine I was over the moon when he dropped mine and Rocketdubz track on his 24 hr live stream on Boileroom TV, certainly made my day !!!!

Low Steppa

So upon my return to the music scene just over 2 1/2 years ago I was starting to discover new music and being a Ukg vinyl DJ I was looking for new music via the digital path and I stumbled across this one and absolutely loved his work.

It was more of a Vocal/Tech House vibe and I was loving it. So I started looking into his work more and believe I downloaded just about every track he had made. He has also been my Top DJ of Lockdown due to his amazing shows he put on including Steppa Saturdays where he kept all his followers and fans in high spirit.

Low Steppa has showed me so much amazing music from producers I had not even heard of due to only recently moving to house music. I'm absolutely loving his productions still and also the music brought out on his Simma Black label, Low Steppa is a major inspiration for me in the house music front


I come across Hermit at the start of my return to the music scene, Ray Hurley sent me a Sub London folder as I was enjoying the vibe I was hearing from in his sets.

After listening to the tracks, I picked up on one of the producer's vibes and was absolutely loving his sound and what he was bringing.

I have been a huge fan of Hermits music ever since. I lock into his shows on vision radio regularly and attend Sub London's event 'Taboo' that they hold a couple of times a year to grab a listen to his productions as you don't get to hear them anywhere else.

I have loved all of his music which some he made alongside Daniel ward and Tadpole. Defo loving the vibe that Hermit brings and would love to get my hands on more of his productions.


Ricardo Da Rhythm

"For me, it's gotta be Kerri Chandler, Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown and Joel Hemmen"

Kerri Chandler

No surprise there! Even putting aside his productions and the fact that he is one of the originators of deep house music. Just from a DJing point of view alone, he is one of the best to do it. I’ve been lucky enough to see him play quite a few times and he never disappoints. Always a journey filled with emotion and raw beats!

Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown

Karl was my favourite DJ in my early DJing years. If you went raving in the mid to late 90s and didn’t see this guy play then you really missed out. Karl massively inspired me back then, he really used to light dancefloors up with his raw energy and good vibes.

Joel Hemmen

I first found out about Joel through Soundcloud about 10 years ago. A real vinyl digger and his sets are always filled with underground treats. He definitely inspired me in recent years in the way he selects and mixes, and also just the passionate way he collects music.


James Lee

"I'm Going with Paul Trouble Anderson, Tuff Jam and Kenny Dope Gonzalez"

Paul Trouble Anderson

This is in order for me and first is Paul Trouble Anderson, who for me epitomises the perfect DJ. I find us a very lucky generation to have been blessed with his presence as a DJ, as an entertainer and as a person.

From raving at the loft nights back in 1997 to the likes of PTA and Frankie Foncett, seeing him play to thousands at Southport and even down to the smaller intimate clubs, over the years Paul Trouble Anderson has always thrown down sets with an incredible groove and vibe every time.

His early garage mixes were superb and listening to him on Kiss 100 FM back in the 90’s I found him very inspiring. There must be trouble in heaven right now RIP.

Tuff Jam

Deep down inside, I’ve always really preferred the 4x4 sound over the 2 step vibe. The Tuff Jam DJ sets were electrifying and literally obliterated dancefloors back in the day. Bar EZ and Todd Edwards, nothing really came close to when Karl and Matt were behind the decks working that floor into an energetic 4 to the floor frenzy.

The underground frequencies volume 1 and 2 compilation were instrumental in bringing that underground vibe to the masses via those cd’s and gave a lot of artists increased awareness and exposure.

It speaks volumes that both artists are still blessing us with their high-quality output and productions today and we (as fans of UK garage, Underground Garage and Garage House) have a lot to be thankful to Matt Jam Lamont and Karl Tuff Enuff Brown for!

Kenny Dope Gonzalez

I find Kenny Dope absolutely magical as both a DJ and as a producer. As a DJ Kenny Dope Gonzalez lights up a dancefloor in so many ways and drops tracks in such context to each other that he gets my pure admiration, his sets are an absolute joy to dance too!

Production-wise from the early broken beat Nuyorican Soul with Louis Vega stuff even right through to his releases this year, his productions, remixes and dubs are still on such a level that they nail that magic formula down to a tee.

At this point I’d like to apologise to Kerri Chandler for not including him in my top 3 inspirations, Kenny Dope just edged it for me!

(Images used with kind permission from Colin Williams @ Realtime Media)

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